Edward.Fish — A blog on issues of Constitutionalism, Programming, Humor.

The blog is named for the primary writer of this blog; he has an interest in Law, but doesn’t believe that formal university training would be of any particular value for him as the professional lawyers he’s encountered seem to rationalize all manner of actions that are contrary to the Constitution by ‘precedent’ and Supreme Court ‘rulings’. — His formal training is in Computer Science, but has a passion for writing.


Edward views the Constitution as more concrete and absolute than most lawyers seem to, more as a set of assertions rather than being subject to precedent and superior even to the Supreme Court of the United States. — A lot of his stances derive from his background in programming and views of the Constitution as being ‘assertions’ and even, according to itself, “the supreme Law of the Land”.


The admins for this site are Joey & jpw, while generally pretty nice guys, they have rather strong opinions on programming — do not grieve them, for they are giving rather a lot of leeway in the upkeep of this site and we’d rather not have them upset given the time and energy they are dedicating to the operation of this site.


OneWingedShark of various brochures has decided to join the authoring staff (albeit in a limited/provisional manner); he is busy these days with several more serious projects, but we hope to see more of his creations (and hopefully new) soon.


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