Roe vs. Wade Overturn: Privacy vs. Tyranny

While I am very glad that the monstrously bad ruling of Roe v. Wade has been overturned —after all, the 10TH Amendment is quite clear about the States (or people) retaining authority in areas wherein the Constitution does not delegate the power to the federal government— it is necessary for me to impress to you that this could be the first step in voiding privacy.

You see, the decision of Roe held that there was a Constitutional right to the privacy of medical records from government —and there is, via the 4TH Amendment— the Supreme Court decided that ‘penumbras and emanations’ if the Constitution regarding that privacy invalidated the ability of the States to have their own laws in the area, expanding the power of federal government and thus their own power. With the overturn of Roe, we may be seeing the first steps into abolishing the notion of the Right to Privacy, as we have seen the court bend over backwards to validate ‘exigent circumstances’ and void the 4TH Amendment and it’s requirements that searches be authorized via warrant… and this may be the plan of those trying to manipulate the politics: overturn Roe, use the outrage to fuel the election of candidates who do not care about bodily autonomy, then destroy the legal notion of a right to privacy, and finally do away with bodily autonomy. (This would make Roe’s overturn moot: the government would be the decider of abortions, and more: it could force them [or pregnancy], as well as the gene-therapies.)

In the end, it’s very simple: we need to turn to God and pray, that we might walk in wisdom and righteousness. — This is not winning the war, but merely a single battle… and it is absolutely certain that there will be a counter-attack, whether or not this can be made into a trap or held, this is sure.

Below is a copy of the decision:

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