World War III: The Manic Play

The ‘Elite’ Versus The ‘Everyman’

Since the start of 2022 we have seen the pushing of World War III, predicated and predicted from Putin and the actions of Russia in Ukraine — despite some of the areas in the conflict being Russia’s since the time of Catherine the Great (who died just a few years before the Louisiana Purchase) — being blamed for domestic problems like inflation and petroleum-production difficulties that started before the Russia/Ukraine conflict: throttling gas/oil production, paying for destruction of agriculture cropland, and so on.

All of these are being pushed into the public news-sphere as justification for the hostile stance that the U.S. leadership is taking against Russia, attempting to get the people onboard to actual war with Russia; this despite a very large purpose to avoid war in the general populace, and especially among veterans. (The tragic result of the “Afghanistan Pull-Out” is a defeat, and is one factor that the elites simply do not understand: morale is essential to operational capability.)

What we are seeing is a very wide split between the “Average Joe” and the ‘Elite’ (whether this is Trump or Biden) — where the Elite are signaling their willingness to spend the lives of the citizenry, in addition to pushing the blame for the policies they are implementing onto the ‘War’ with Putin/Russia. (Things like pushing “Electric Vehicles” onto an electrical production/distribution-grid that cannot handle the increased load, all while shutting down electricity production. — We saw this split illustrated in how, during the “lookdowns” and “mask mandates” the ‘Elite’ were given special and preferential treatment, excepting them from the very rules they forced on everyone else.

It is obvious that those in power in the U.S. see themselves as apart, separate and distinct, from the average man: above the law, beyond account, and completely protected. This protection is both government offices and also with corporations, a good example here could be the new Twitter censorship policies against anti-war sentiment; this underscores the point: the ‘elite’ see themselves as having no obligation to you, they see you as ‘other’ and expendable.

The Interconnected Elite

WEF, Schwab & Trump
Donald Trump, father of the bioweapon, and Klaus Schwab.

Then there’s the connections among the elite, surrounding Ukraine: (1) Biden’s, Romney’s, Kerry’s, and Pelosi’s children’s connections have been ‘fact-checked’ by Reuters, (2) and then there’s the World Economic Forum and it’s Young Global Leaders, which have connections to Zelenskyy, Putin, Trudeau, and Ivanka Trump.

WEF, Schwab & Putin
Vladimir Putin and Klaus Schwab.

It’s all theater… and you & I? We’re the ones who they expect to bleed and die to cover up their corruption — whether it’s ‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ or ‘Chyna!’ or the hoard of illegals whose  babies they’d rather feed makes no difference to them; what they’re trying to do is ramp up pressure on the Average Joe (via gasoline, electricity, & food) so that they perceive the release of war as the solution. — Even if the signals that they’re willing to have your children killed in a foreign war is mere virtue-signaling, the elite want prices on these that you cannot afford; they want to make ‘living’ or ‘surviving’ unaffordable… Why?

WEF, Putin & Zelenskyy

Holodomor, Part II

We observe the non-action of the government on the obvious attacks on the production of food — all the more puzzling, given the stringent denial that such is suspicious, or a cause for concern — even the shutdown of baby formula factories, removing the availability of the formula on the store-shelveseven as the government donates formula to illegals, even as they push these ridiculous wars: Russia/Ukraine, and (soon) China/Taiwan.

The attitude shown, illustrates how they are pushing Government Sponsored Genocide Via Starvation, Holodomor (as a verb)  — or, if you want a more European experience of the Government being involved with starving citizens, consider the Irish Potato Famine; where the British had used about half of its military might to forcibly extract food while the Irish starved. Obviously, the British government held the exportation of food to be of greater importance than the Irish people themselves — how much do you want to bet that the US will do similar? Perhaps wringing their hands and crying “How can we interfere!? These are private corporations, and this would be interfering in contracts!” on the cameras, all while holding back their sadistic glee at the prospect of mass starvation?

All of these food-plant ‘accidents’, all of the energy production ‘difficulties’, all of the promotion of ‘contracts’ to superiority over law (see the defense of Pfizer & Moderna) aim for one point — evasion of accountability, even while forcing “let’s you and him fight”-styles of distraction.

Trump won’t help us, he’s still proudly touting his bioweapon; Biden won’t help, he’s just a puppet — our only hope is to turn to Jesus, pray, and look out for our fellow-citizen.


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