The “Brandon”, ‘Reinstatement’, and ‘Mandate’ Fallacies

The Fallacies

What do these three fallacies have in common? What purposes do they serve? What goals do these purposes advance? Are any of them reinforcing the others? Why, even should we consider them fallacies? (This one’s simple: because they lead to fallacious reasoning or modeling of the world.) …But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s define and describe what I mean for each of these items.


The origin of the “Let’s Go Brandon” Meme.

The “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme is a masterful judo throw: taking the news’s own willful misunderstanding and formatting it in a way that cannot be purged by most social-media Terms of Service without being blatantly a political censorship. After all, it doesn’t use any profanities, it doesn’t contain ‘misinformation’, it succinctly expresses dissatisfaction with President Biden (and, arguably, the administration) and in order to understand this you need the context. — All of this is well and good, except that it’s obvious that Biden is a puppet, barely capable of reading a Teleprompter.


The Idea that “fraud vitiates everything” means that the fact that the 2020 elections were fraudulently conducted (both with voter fraud and with procedural/legal violations) to give Biden the ‘win’ means that we should instead give the win to Trump. — This fallacy is predicated on many assumptions, from the process of correcting an election to that of structures and forms of law and the legal system itself. A prime example here is ‘decertification’ which, as it turns out, simply does not exist. It is not a thing, legally-speaking.


Simply that the government can say and do whatever it wants, and you must obey; that the mere declaration has legitimacy (by its own existence) and therefore all lawful authority.

The Commonalities

The commonalities of these fallacies can be summed up in a single word: Redirection.

  • Brandon: As noted in its description, this redirects away from the obvious fact that Biden is not the one in charge; it redirects the displeasure of the people from those who are pushing these disastrous policies onto the obvious scapegoat of Joe Biden.
  • Reinstatement: This redirects the will of people who want to see Justice, lawfully and rightly obtained, into something that will erode the law itself; there is no such legal thing as a Presidential ‘Reinstatement’, it simply does not exist. (The counting and certifying of elector’s votes that Congress does IS the official declaration that the votes are legitimate.)
  • Mandates: Our old friend, “Appeal to Self-Authority” pops its head up; this is, yet again, “my own position proves I am good, if I were not good I would not be in this position; therefore, whatever I say is good and the exercise of the authority granted in my position is as well.”

Let us term this the ‘Redirective Rule’ — and define it as:
The desire/tactic of the redirection of thought or mental model to escape properly Just accountability which permeates, at every level, the operations of our enemy.

The Purposes, and How They Work Together

By re-directing displeasure to Biden, the problem mentally shifts from the organization itself and those in positions of power to a single man; this, in turn, encourages the idea that ‘if we could just get rid of X, then things would get better.’ Combine this with ‘Reinstatement’ and those people in power can dump Biden, put Trump in, and continue their mission having appeased all those pushing for Trump (as well as many who were alienated by the policies that “Biden” put out). — This leaves in-place much of the framework that these authorities have been putting in-place, rather than destroying their mandates and the underlying ‘authorizations’ for them.

We are witnessing what Yuri Bezmenov’s lecture “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion” as ‘Destabilization’ — where the subversion is concentrated on “economy, foreign-relations, defense-systems” — and what else would the shredding of the Constitution (e.g. via ‘Reinstatement’) do but give cover to those who are subverting our country and nation as they continue for the Coup de Grâce? (And you must remember that it was Trump who showed he favored Big-Business over small-business and the American people for the ‘quarantines’/’lockdowns’, especially for the ‘forgivable loans’ and bailouts that went to the corporations while pushing couch-change to the people to both shut them up and undercut any complaint by making them participant & beneficiary in bailouts.)

Excerpts of Bezmenov’s lecture.


The TL;DR here is this: all of these fallacies have the ability to work together for the destruction of large portions of the American culture and its people. Those in power are guiding what Bezmenov termed ‘Destabilization’ in order to bring up a ‘Crisis’ which will allow all the bullshit they’ve been foisting on our people to become ‘Normalized’.

Wider Scope


Anarcho-TyrannyDuring the riots of 2020, we saw plainly the implementation of ‘Anarcho-Tyranny ’ — where the politically-disfavored were selectively prosecuted and the favored allowed to go free — and it is from here that we must recognize the nature of our enemies: they prefer to put all conflict into a “Heads, we win; Tails, you lose” and/or “Let’s you and him fight” setting. This is why they do not want a unified American people, but rather exploitable mindset-/identity-differences like ‘White’ vs ‘Black’… and we’ve seen them go out of their way to manufacture these differences: remember how the news media corporations pushed Zimmerman first as ‘White’, then after it came out that he was ‘Hispanic’ pushed forward the ‘White Hispanic’ label?


Globalism’s Divide-and-ConquerThat is exactly what is in play here, and now. It is almost fractal in how it is set up, the small being an instance of the design of the large, structured to force the outcome that the aforementioned power-elite and enemies (and the intersection of these is essentially the sets themselves) wish, while simultaneously giving them deniability, removing responsibility/accountability, and covering their involvement.


MaxwellOperaSince this Redirective Rule is fractal in nature, we can see it in play on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial — All of the charges brought forth are on the sexual aspects; which conveniently sidesteps even talking about the purpose that these were to achieve: blackmail and corruption of officials to ensure foreign control of said officials and, thence, the control of the top positions of the government both elective and un-elected. Thus why we heard, from Trump’s own mouth, an admission not only that the Congress is controlled by a foreign entity, but that he believes such foreign-control to be right. — about how the international scope of things are being redirected into ‘national’, and the vast (multi-national) conspiracy- and espionage-organization is framed in terms of a small sex-ring.

Reality-Wide (Supernatural)

This Redirective Rule applies even in the realm of the corporal world and the spiritual world. Framing things in terms of “It’s Israel!!” and directing all the focus there is, again, the Rule being applied: if the biggest lie the Devil ever got people to believe is he doesn’t exist, the second is that his agents (which, yes, can be nations) are where the responsibility/accountability ends. — This isn’t to say that the agents bear no responsibility, they obviously do.

The real issue is the framing:

  • Brandon: Frames the issue in figureheads, directing people away from the underlying corruption.
  • Reinstatement: Frames the issue in a manner that destroys Jurisprudence and law, masquerading as “justice!” while shutting out Justice.
    (I.e. Why would you seek Justice-the-virtue, when you have ‘justice’ looks-like-its-correcting-an-error?)
  • Mandate: Frames things in an appeal to the government’s own authority, so that any objection might be re-framed as a “rebellion” and “rejection” of all the government’s authority.
  • BLM: Frames the injustice and corruption of Law Enforcement into a sort of “only for Blacks issue”, which is absurd because it’s been an issue since at least the War on Drugs made it profitable for police to be corrupt.
  • Antifa: While some of this is True Believer shit, there’s a good portion that are pulled into this either by deception. (e.g. “You don’t want the NAZIs to win, do you?”)
  • SJWs: Frames the natural desire for Justice into serving injustice, typically by twisting definitions, calling ‘good’ what is evil and ‘evil’ what is good.
  • Etc.

I can’t tell you that tell you that Israel-the-State doesn’t deserve the US to declare war and crush it, because from the USS Liberty to 11–Sep–2001 & from the Maxwell Espionage-Ring to the War on Terror, they absolutely do… the problem is that unless we-as-a-people “get right with God” by turning to Jesus, we are doomed. Jesus is the only one that can save us from these fractal traps, He is the only one that can heal the absurd self-inflicted wounds of the mandates, He is the only one who can heal the damage and destruction inflicted on us by our enemies. — The TL;DR here is found succinctly in Psalm 127:1Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.


The Maxwell connections are long and deep; if you want to get into that rabbit-hole I would recommend “The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage”, “Dirtier than Watergate”, “Mossad-Linked Father of Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Financed Jeffrey Epstein’s Empire”, “Dirtier than Watergate” & “For writer who broke Epstein case, a rumored Mossad link is worth digging into”. There’s also connections between Epstein/Maxwell and multiple prominent tech people, like Gates and Musk, I had one interesting link involving Microsoft (as a company), but I’ve sadly lost it.

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