Architecture Design Facilitating a Command-line Interface

I’ve decided to put down some of my thoughts on how to better design the architecture that underlies a command-line interface. Given that the CLI systems we have now are horribly designed and force a lot more work onto utility programmers. (These deficiencies can be easily traced to the OS and how little it provides to actually facilitate a good solution to these problems.)

The short version is that the IPC should be done using streams of typed values, and that user-commands (of utilities) should be handled discretely and independent of the data-stream.

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American Castes

Earlier (in 2014) I had the idea that the current ‘push’ being engineered was towards a sort of de facto caste system where the traditional Rights of the Englishman and, as the foundations for American citizen’s rights, the traditional Rights that Americans have enjoyed.

We see this more and more as the government “picks winners and losers” by deciding to bail out businesses that would otherwise fail at the expense of taxpayers, ignoring every taxpayer who says “enough is enough” and continuing to sell its Citizens into a real slavery — $20 Trillion, and more, which is secured by the promise of the Citizen’s future earnings (i.e. the income tax) with no intention of ever paying it back is nothing less.

As this continues we will see more and more codification of exemptions from the law to government agents, from the President down to the street-cop, to city employees to Congressmen. This is the world that they want: to be at the top, crushing down on the insignificant (you and I), lording their positions and power over us.

Treason by the Senate of the United States

It is both my pleasure and extreme displeasure to have the first post of this blog be about treason as perpetrated by the Senate; it is pleasurable because it is a deeply interesting subject, displeasure because it illustrates & proves just how little our Senators care about our country and, by extension, us.
So, without further ado, I present to you a case of treason: