Tyranny’s Evil March

Sudden, Yet Expected, Betrayal

It should come as no surprise that the controlled-opposition branch of the Uniparty, commonly called ‘Republican’ had fourscore members voting for the abomination known as the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021, which in its very text is about implementing a “‘immunization information system’ [which] means a confidential, population-based, computerized database that records immunization doses administered by any health care provider to persons within the geographic area covered by that database.

There are many issues that can, and should, be taken with this overreach, especially considering how certain people are pushing for a ‘Vaccine Passport’ system which could (read ‘will be’) be tied into economic rights, setting the precedent at least that “no one may buy or sell” dependent on some government controlled/approved ‘permission-slip’.

See the BitChute video: What Are the ‘Vaccine Passports’ (& Lockdowns, Etc) About? w/ Independent Investor Melissa Cuimmei.

One thing to notice, however, is that the case wherein the Supreme Court found a Constitutional right to privacy of medical records, especially from the government, is now being threatened with being overturned…

Throwing Out the Bath-Water with the Baby

People have been commenting on the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade decision, from those dramatically predicting (or threatening) revolt/civil-war to Karl Denninger’s prediction of ‘nothing’. — However, I think that this is exactly where our enemy wants to go: They *wish* to destroy all protections against instituting their stranglehold control over every aspect of your life, and what do they care if this causes a civil war? A civil war would be advantageous to them: for it would deplete both physical stores (the means of resisting) as well as erode the morale aspect (the will to resist); thus they win should Roe be overturned and cause civil war, thus they win if only Roe is overturned (for then there is no ‘precedent’ of the Supreme Court recognizing a Constitutional right to the privacy of medical records), thus they win if Roe is left in-place (for they hate life).

And so we find ourselves offered a ‘Gotcha!’ scenario, like when the Pharisees sent their disciples with this question to Jesus: “Is it lawful to pay taxes to Cesar?” (If Jesus answered ‘Yes’ they would point out how Jesus was endorsing Caesar’s authority and claims, which included the blasphemy of claiming divinity, under Jewish law; if he said ‘No’ then they could convict him under Rome’s law.) — But here Jesus sidestepped the entire issue by asking for a coin, pointing out that Caesar’s image and inscription [name] were on it, saying: “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

We, too, need the divine wisdom of Jesus here: for on the one hand we are offered continued child-sacrifice, and on the other hand we are offered sacrificing the whole people into slavery — pray, for wisdom, and Justice, and mercy.

The “Brandon”, ‘Reinstatement’, and ‘Mandate’ Fallacies

The Fallacies

What do these three fallacies have in common? What purposes do they serve? What goals do these purposes advance? Are any of them reinforcing the others? Why, even should we consider them fallacies? (This one’s simple: because they lead to fallacious reasoning or modeling of the world.) …But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s define and describe what I mean for each of these items.


The origin of the “Let’s Go Brandon” Meme.

The “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme is a masterful judo throw: taking the news’s own willful misunderstanding and formatting it in a way that cannot be purged by most social-media Terms of Service without being blatantly a political censorship. After all, it doesn’t use any profanities, it doesn’t contain ‘misinformation’, it succinctly expresses dissatisfaction with President Biden (and, arguably, the administration) and in order to understand this you need the context. — All of this is well and good, except that it’s obvious that Biden is a puppet, barely capable of reading a Teleprompter.


The Idea that “fraud vitiates everything” means that the fact that the 2020 elections were fraudulently conducted (both with voter fraud and with procedural/legal violations) to give Biden the ‘win’ means that we should instead give the win to Trump. — This fallacy is predicated on many assumptions, from the process of correcting an election to that of structures and forms of law and the legal system itself. A prime example here is ‘decertification’ which, as it turns out, simply does not exist. It is not a thing, legally-speaking.


Simply that the government can say and do whatever it wants, and you must obey; that the mere declaration has legitimacy (by its own existence) and therefore all lawful authority.

The Commonalities

The commonalities of these fallacies can be summed up in a single word: Redirection.

  • Brandon: As noted in its description, this redirects away from the obvious fact that Biden is not the one in charge; it redirects the displeasure of the people from those who are pushing these disastrous policies onto the obvious scapegoat of Joe Biden.
  • Reinstatement: This redirects the will of people who want to see Justice, lawfully and rightly obtained, into something that will erode the law itself; there is no such legal thing as a Presidential ‘Reinstatement’, it simply does not exist. (The counting and certifying of elector’s votes that Congress does IS the official declaration that the votes are legitimate.)
  • Mandates: Our old friend, “Appeal to Self-Authority” pops its head up; this is, yet again, “my own position proves I am good, if I were not good I would not be in this position; therefore, whatever I say is good and the exercise of the authority granted in my position is as well.”

Let us term this the ‘Redirective Rule’ — and define it as:
The desire/tactic of the redirection of thought or mental model to escape properly Just accountability which permeates, at every level, the operations of our enemy.

The Purposes, and How They Work Together

By re-directing displeasure to Biden, the problem mentally shifts from the organization itself and those in positions of power to a single man; this, in turn, encourages the idea that ‘if we could just get rid of X, then things would get better.’ Combine this with ‘Reinstatement’ and those people in power can dump Biden, put Trump in, and continue their mission having appeased all those pushing for Trump (as well as many who were alienated by the policies that “Biden” put out). — This leaves in-place much of the framework that these authorities have been putting in-place, rather than destroying their mandates and the underlying ‘authorizations’ for them.

We are witnessing what Yuri Bezmenov’s lecture “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion” as ‘Destabilization’ — where the subversion is concentrated on “economy, foreign-relations, defense-systems” — and what else would the shredding of the Constitution (e.g. via ‘Reinstatement’) do but give cover to those who are subverting our country and nation as they continue for the Coup de Grâce? (And you must remember that it was Trump who showed he favored Big-Business over small-business and the American people for the ‘quarantines’/’lockdowns’, especially for the ‘forgivable loans’ and bailouts that went to the corporations while pushing couch-change to the people to both shut them up and undercut any complaint by making them participant & beneficiary in bailouts.)

Excerpts of Bezmenov’s lecture.


The TL;DR here is this: all of these fallacies have the ability to work together for the destruction of large portions of the American culture and its people. Those in power are guiding what Bezmenov termed ‘Destabilization’ in order to bring up a ‘Crisis’ which will allow all the bullshit they’ve been foisting on our people to become ‘Normalized’.

Wider Scope


Anarcho-TyrannyDuring the riots of 2020, we saw plainly the implementation of ‘Anarcho-Tyranny ’ — where the politically-disfavored were selectively prosecuted and the favored allowed to go free — and it is from here that we must recognize the nature of our enemies: they prefer to put all conflict into a “Heads, we win; Tails, you lose” and/or “Let’s you and him fight” setting. This is why they do not want a unified American people, but rather exploitable mindset-/identity-differences like ‘White’ vs ‘Black’… and we’ve seen them go out of their way to manufacture these differences: remember how the news media corporations pushed Zimmerman first as ‘White’, then after it came out that he was ‘Hispanic’ pushed forward the ‘White Hispanic’ label?


Globalism’s Divide-and-ConquerThat is exactly what is in play here, and now. It is almost fractal in how it is set up, the small being an instance of the design of the large, structured to force the outcome that the aforementioned power-elite and enemies (and the intersection of these is essentially the sets themselves) wish, while simultaneously giving them deniability, removing responsibility/accountability, and covering their involvement.


MaxwellOperaSince this Redirective Rule is fractal in nature, we can see it in play on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial — All of the charges brought forth are on the sexual aspects; which conveniently sidesteps even talking about the purpose that these were to achieve: blackmail and corruption of officials to ensure foreign control of said officials and, thence, the control of the top positions of the government both elective and un-elected. Thus why we heard, from Trump’s own mouth, an admission not only that the Congress is controlled by a foreign entity, but that he believes such foreign-control to be right. — about how the international scope of things are being redirected into ‘national’, and the vast (multi-national) conspiracy- and espionage-organization is framed in terms of a small sex-ring.

Reality-Wide (Supernatural)

This Redirective Rule applies even in the realm of the corporal world and the spiritual world. Framing things in terms of “It’s Israel!!” and directing all the focus there is, again, the Rule being applied: if the biggest lie the Devil ever got people to believe is he doesn’t exist, the second is that his agents (which, yes, can be nations) are where the responsibility/accountability ends. — This isn’t to say that the agents bear no responsibility, they obviously do.

The real issue is the framing:

  • Brandon: Frames the issue in figureheads, directing people away from the underlying corruption.
  • Reinstatement: Frames the issue in a manner that destroys Jurisprudence and law, masquerading as “justice!” while shutting out Justice.
    (I.e. Why would you seek Justice-the-virtue, when you have ‘justice’ looks-like-its-correcting-an-error?)
  • Mandate: Frames things in an appeal to the government’s own authority, so that any objection might be re-framed as a “rebellion” and “rejection” of all the government’s authority.
  • BLM: Frames the injustice and corruption of Law Enforcement into a sort of “only for Blacks issue”, which is absurd because it’s been an issue since at least the War on Drugs made it profitable for police to be corrupt.
  • Antifa: While some of this is True Believer shit, there’s a good portion that are pulled into this either by deception. (e.g. “You don’t want the NAZIs to win, do you?”)
  • SJWs: Frames the natural desire for Justice into serving injustice, typically by twisting definitions, calling ‘good’ what is evil and ‘evil’ what is good.
  • Etc.

I can’t tell you that tell you that Israel-the-State doesn’t deserve the US to declare war and crush it, because from the USS Liberty to 11–Sep–2001 & from the Maxwell Espionage-Ring to the War on Terror, they absolutely do… the problem is that unless we-as-a-people “get right with God” by turning to Jesus, we are doomed. Jesus is the only one that can save us from these fractal traps, He is the only one that can heal the absurd self-inflicted wounds of the mandates, He is the only one who can heal the damage and destruction inflicted on us by our enemies. — The TL;DR here is found succinctly in Psalm 127:1Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.


The Maxwell connections are long and deep; if you want to get into that rabbit-hole I would recommend “The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage”, “Dirtier than Watergate”, “Mossad-Linked Father of Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Financed Jeffrey Epstein’s Empire”, “Dirtier than Watergate” & “For writer who broke Epstein case, a rumored Mossad link is worth digging into”. There’s also connections between Epstein/Maxwell and multiple prominent tech people, like Gates and Musk, I had one interesting link involving Microsoft (as a company), but I’ve sadly lost it.

A Short Philosophic Investigation into “Mandates”

Diagram, Morton’s Fork
Morton’s Fork: A fork with only one tine, a knife to stick in this back of mine.

The Religious “[Non-]Exemption”


The Mandate’s Tyranny: The Religious “[Non-]Exemption”.

One thing that is disturbing about these mandates is the so-called “religious exemption” — for two reasons: (1) that the ‘exemption’ is impotent and ineffectual, and (2) that implicit in the system is the subordinating of religious rights to the adjudication of some administrator or bureaucrat — and everyone advising to take the ‘exemption’ seems unable to realize this.

The arrogation of this power to judge what is and is not acceptable religious thought is downright insane. On the one hand, you have people who likely wouldn’t have even the philosophical tools to understand the consequences of the stated beliefs, much less the theological grounding to understand anything but the most direct quotations and constructions from a belief-set — do you think, for example, they would consider what the implications of claiming the body as Temple of the Holy Spirit are? (1 Corinthians 6:19–20)

Moreover, the consequences of the ‘exemption’ have no effect. (At least insofar as NM’s EO is concerned.) …if you take the ‘exemption’ you are still subject to the periodic testing that was always the ‘alternative’, even though we know this ‘alternative’ is really a threat along the lines of the old mafia-threat: “Nice shop ya have ‘ere, it’d be a shame if something were to happen to it…”

Thus it must be asked “then what is the real point of the ‘exemption’?”

Codification of the Appeal to Self-Authority

The obvious answer lies in both the subordination of religious belief to bureaucracy and the useless impotence of the ‘exemption’ in policy, tying them both together: a sort of moral cowardice (giving ‘legal’ excuses, allowing for avoiding accountability) galvanized with an arrogant refusal to abide by (or even acknowledge) the limits of authority.

This refusal to acknowledge the limits of authority is the consequence of a sort of circular-reference logic termed as “appeal to self-authority” which is essentially: (1) Those in authority are good; (2) I am the authority; (3) If I was not good I would not be the authority; (4) Therefore, since I am the authority, I am good; (5) To oppose me is to oppose my authority; (6) To oppose my authority is to be evil, because I am good, as proved by my authority.
— Thus we see why, on the philosophical level, asserting that there is no such authority as they claim provokes such an emotional response: to even question the limits and boundaries is equivalent to denying their goodness and calling them evil… to their emotional-attachment this is the equivalent of declaring your intent to kill them.

And this brings us to “policy” — this is their great scapegoat: by simply saying “It’s policy!” they protect themselves from criticism (after all, they’re following The Rules!). While simultaneously divesting themselves of accountability (“We didn’t make The Rules!”) — again another circular-logic trap: (1) The rules are good; (2) I enforce the rules, so I am good; (3) any objection to the rules is proof of your evil. And just as above, any dissent or disagreement marks you as a horrible person who wants to destroy all goodness.

If this all seems familiar, that’s because the Courts have been using this for decades: they inventedAbsolute Legal Immunity’ for themselves, then use that as a shield from any criticism of their judgements or overstepping their authority, especially any Constitutional limits despite the Constitution being the origin of their authority.

Normalization of Coercion & Extortion

“The incarceration of free thinking healthy people in madhouses is spiritual murder, it is a variation of the gas chamber, even more cruel; the torture of the people being killed is more malicious and more prolonged. Like the gas chambers, these crimes will never be forgotten and those involved in them will be condemned for all time during their life and after their death.”

A letter from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

All this leads to a natural consequence: these ‘policies’ institute a system which is coercive and extortionate, with any dissent being summarily discarded — dissenters obviously being demonized as at least troublemakers, if not ‘lawbreakers’ — in other words: Welcome to Tyranny.

But, even worse, this is exactly what happens in Communism; consider the Soviet Union’s abuses of psychological incarceration: detractors were labeled as having mental illness, such as “sluggish schizophrenia”, removed from society via ‘institutionalization’, and God only knows how many were tortured. — All of this because such a system, established without real accountability, simply cannot exist in the presence of objections of conscience, or the opposition of good men, or true Justice and so must act against them all. In a sick way, the system acknowledges these and works to swiftly undermine, capture, isolate, and neutralize exactly such persons.


When, exactly, did China become more free than the US? (Archive)

It is precisely this system which is being pushed on us, under the guise of ‘rules’ and ‘policies’, which bureaucrats and administrators can virtue-signal as being ‘good guys’ to the system by adhering thereunto rather than making the possibly-risky move of opposing these evil schemes which will be the normalization of coercion and extortion. Just look at the ‘mandates’ and how common it is to see or hear “I have to take the vaccine or lose my job.” — and the ‘alternative’ of “periodic testing”? It’s quite obvious that using a test with such high rates of false-positives, and which cannot distinguish between the various variants, is in-place only for the theater and inconvenience… and this says nothing at all about the invasiveness, discomfort, or possible malicious uses of these tests. (Imagine, if you will, infecting the tests so that the healthy would be contaminated in order to spread the narrative that simply testing does not work, and that the ‘unvaccinated’ are intrinsically a danger to themselves and others as a means to end the ‘alternative’ of testing.)

If these ‘policies’ and ‘rules’ and ‘mandates’ are allowed to stand, then we are as-a-people declaring that the normalization of coercion and extortion are acceptable in our society.


That our government, institutions, and corporations seem dead-set on implementing all of these — especially with the above sections in mind — there is a temptation towards demoralization: after all, who exactly are we?
That is what these people want you to perceive: they want you to think that you are alone, or part of a group too small to make a difference, and certainly not capable of simply saying ‘no’ or, even worse to their mindset, going on the offensive. — This is why they have been trying to control the narrative, via censorship and deplatforming and shadow-banning: they have very little real power, a lot of ‘influence’, and almost no real, actual authority. This is why they have to set up illusions, to make you ‘agree’ to their deceptions, and to keep you ‘controlled’.

So, instead of being demoralized, or angry, pray. Even if it’s only a few friends, family, or neighbors: pray — turn to Jesus — ask for wisdom, and then act.

I guarantee you that such is not the response that the evil powers want: they do not want you to have a community, they do not want you to have emotional or social support, they do not want you to appeal to the Judge about the injustices being pushed, they do not want your voice heard in Heaven (either now or in the hereafter) — I can’t promise you that God will miraculously act to remove these evils, I can’t promise you that you will be either comfortable or well-fed, but I can promise you that for the sake of Jesus, God will hear.

And the Rubber Hits the Road…


On-track to Destroy Liberty

Behold the mercy of Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The Governor’s unlawful Executive Order is being implemented, the vaccine mandate is being pushed, with the aid of lies and false dealing and a cowardly refusal to stand against evil by the leaders in government. As we can plainly see, the “periodic testing” alternative is really just there to say “well, technically you aren’t required to get a vaccine”… just like technically you don’t have to pay your taxes.

The so-called “religious exemption” is false-dealing at its worst: by taking them at their word, allowing them to accept or reject your application, you are submitting to a religious test. You are literally agreeing to allow them to judge your beliefs as legitimate or illegitimate, and to allow or disallow [continued] employment based thereon. — What madness is this!? How can no-one see it?

NMSU is Dead-set on this Unlawful Activity

Let me stick this in you
Our hands are tied, it’s our policy!

My place of employment is NMSU, and the administration there has been particularly unresponsive to any concerns, as in literally no response:

I am quite disappointed and frustrated with the leadership, especially as there has been no real feedback, discussion, or debate on the issues I raised before. (See this post.) — As I said in the last e-mail, I refuse to comply with this lawlessness — so, now what?


I am not going to merely sit back and watch as these people destroy my State, my University, and my people. While I may no longer be enlisted, I still love New Mexico and the United States, and the oath of enlistment still rings true: I am going to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of New Mexico against these evil tyrants.

These administrators are either actively evil, or are so cowardly as to be functionally evil; they want us to simply roll over, to simply quit, to collapse in fawning obeisance over their every pronouncement. — It is quite obvious that they intend to push people who do not comply to either quitting or to committing an act of violence, so that they can run crying and screaming to mommy gov., but I have a better idea: as mentioned in my e-mail, the New Mexico Constitution allows for the collection of signatures of registered voters (per county) to compel the convening of a Grand Jury — if you’re in New Mexico, the required number of signatures are as follows:

County Voters Needed Signatures
Bernalillo 451,903 9,039
Catron 3,029 200
Chaves 35,344 707
Cibola 14,890 298
Colfax 8,979 200
Curry 25,270 506
De Baca 1,343 200
Doña Ana 130,067 2,602
Eddy 34,789 696
Grant 20,658 414
Guadalupe 3,407 200
Harding 681 200
Hidalgo 3,077 200
Lea 37,723 755
Lincoln 14,856 298
Los Alamos 15,232 305
Luna 12,901 259
Mckinley 44,717 895
Mora 3,743 200
Otero 37,004 741
Quay 6,076 200
Rio Arriba 25,529 511
Roosevelt 10,879 218
San Juan 78,342 1,567
San Miguel 19,618 393
Sandoval 106,589 2,132
Santa Fe 108,449 2,169
Sierra 8,190 200
Socorro 11,505 231
Taos 25,998 520
Torrance 10,386 208
Union 2,602 200
Valencia 46,332 927
Total 1,360,108 28,391

Join the Fight

Petition Against the Governor
Petition Against NMSU’s Leadership
Petition Signature Page

Threats, and Treason, From the President

And What Is Treason?

The Constitution defines ‘Treason’ as follows: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to  their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Now, to understand fully, we turn to a dictionary of the same period: Webster’s 1828 Dictionary and assess the definition of ‘levy’ — it is as follows:

LEV’Y, verb transitive [Latin levo; Eng. to lift.]

  1. To raise; to collect. To levy troops, is to enlist or to order men into public service. To levy an army, is to collect troops and form an army by enrollment, conscription or other means.
  2. To raise; to collect by assessment; as, to levy taxes, toll tribute, or contributions.

To levy war, is to raise or begin war; to take arms for attack; to attack.

First, note that ordering men into public service is a definition, and the President has announced he is doing just that; also note that the example of “levying war” is used as an example and includes raising/beginning war, and taking up arms for an attack.

Likewise, the definition for ‘war’ is similarly illuminating:

WAR, noun [G., to perplex, embroil, disturb. The primary sense of the root is to strive, struggle, urge, drive, or to turn, to twist.]

  1. A contest between nations or states, carried on by force, either for defense, or for revenging insults and redressing wrongs, for the extension of commerce or acquisition of territory, or for obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one over the other. These objects are accomplished by the slaughter or capture of troops, and the capture and destruction of ships, towns and property. Among rude nations, war is often waged and carried on for plunder. As war is the contest of nations or states, it always implies that such contest is authorized by the monarch or the sovereign power of the nation. When war is commenced by attacking a nation in peace, it si called an offensive war and such attack is aggressive. When war is undertaken to repel invasion or the attacks of an enemy, it is called defensive, and a defensive war is considered as justifiable. Very few of the wars that have desolated nations and deluged the earth with blood, have been justifiable. Happy would it be for mankind, if the prevalence of Christian principles might ultimately extinguish the spirit of war and if the ambition to be great, might yield to the ambition of being good.


WAR, verb intransitive
1. To make war; to invade or attack a nation or state with force of arms; to carry on hostilities; or to be in a state of contest by violence.

He teacheth my hands to war 2 Samuel 22:35.

Now consider that the threat to remove governors makes it plain and leaves no doubt that the motivation and object of such actions is “obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one over the other” — that is, we have just heard a declaration that the federal government is utterly superior to the States and, implicitly, that the States are not [to be] sovereigns but rather subjects.

The Citizenry Threatened

President Biden also threatened the People directly, and on multiple levels. From things like travel to education, from employment to even children… the pervasiveness of the treats uttered in this speech is astounding.

Those Rejecting Unlawful Claims of Authority

Those who are rejecting these unlawful and tyrannical policies were threatened quite bluntly — “we’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin” — which is interesting on several levels:
First, is it not the ever changing list of things that you have to do to show subservience (like masks, or lockdowns), and rights you have to surrender (like attending church, or social gatherings) that should make people hesitant? (In reality, though, ‘defiant’ and ‘rebellious’ are better stances against this lawlessness.)
Second, is it not true that multiple times the reason given for vaccination is to “protect the vaccinated”? (A hidden admission that these vaccines are NOT effective.)
Third, the implicit ‘or else’ — as if those refusing are children, incapable of making their own decisions and dangerously close to getting discipline.

Those Attempting to Go About Their Business

Likewise, the declarations of the intent to use the Transport Safety Administration to molest the citizenry going about their business, to wit “the TSA will double the fines on travelers that refuse to mask” — a blatant declaration of the intent to violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition of excessive fines… what’s more, the entirety of response to the pandemic by governments (federal and state, in tandem) is violative of the prohibitions on cruel and unusual punishments: quarantining the healthy, shutting down people’s businesses, prohibiting the normal living of life, and the gathering together to worship.

It seems much of what government has done has increased the pain and suffering, and only just now are Sate governors saying “no more” — and good for them! — but what needs to happen is those enforcing these unlawful policies need to be punished, and more than the “slap on the wrist” punishments many egregious crimes are getting these days. (The truly vindictive sentences seem specially reserved for people like Kyle Rittenhouse who dare to defend themselves against the covertly-sanctioned and -supported ‘riots’.)

Those Who Just Want to do Their Job

And let us not forget the threats to people who just want to do their job, being left alone. It’s too late though: you may not have an interest in politics, but those in politics have and interest in crushing you. — The declaration that all federal employees must get vaccinated (the ‘or tested’ is a lie: a fiction that operates like the mafia’s “or else”), as with everyone who does business with the federal government.

Final thoughts

So, in the end, it looks like aside from the threats, and the declaration of war against the States, is a big game of chicken — who is going to stop him? You? Your company? Your State? — this is an interesting proposition, and it is obvious that it is not Biden but those controlling him making these dares.

I, for one, will not comply with illegal orders — and make no mistake, forcing people to undergo medical treatment against their will is criminal — remember RAMP:

  • Return fire with aimed fire. Return force with force. You always have the right to repel hostile acts with necessary force.
  • Anticipate attack. Use force first if, but only if, you see clear indicators of hostile intent.
  • Measure the amount of force that you use, if time and circumstances permit. Use only the amount of force necessary to protect lives and accomplish the mission.
  • Protect with deadly force only human life, and property designated by your commander. Stop short of deadly force when protecting other property.
You always have the right to us necessary force, including deadly force, to protect yourself and others.(Link)

Texas, Abortion, Roe V. Wade, and the link to Vaccine Mandates

Finally it should be noted that Texas prohibiting abortion is an interesting development — while I condone, in the strongest possible terms, the Texas lawmakers that enacted it there is cause for caution:

  1. This is NOT pro-life winning the war, this is the first time pro-life gaining ground in the battle.
  2. Roe v. Wade’s USSC decision was such that found a Constitutional right to privacy of medical records, especially from the government.
  3. As current precedent stands, it is unconstitutional on its face for government to demand access to medical record data… including vaccination status.
  4. Therefore, watch challenges to Roe v. Wade, because they might just set up the legal-equivalent of a false-flag to overturn Roe v. Wade, and then surprise everyone with the “now ‘legal’” invasion of medical privacy legitimizing the government demands for vaccination status.

An Informational Brochure Against Ordering the Military to Take the Clot-Shot

An initial draft

It’s not my best work, but I figure that getting it out now rather than later is preferable. The main meat of this is condensing the legitimacy argument of my EO-rejection into the first inside-page and expanding on the religious-objection on the back cover:


Revised Edition


More Vaccine Shenanigans

They Are Lying

Yesterday the media was blasting out that the FDA has approved the so-called vaccine (namely Pfizer) — but there seems to be some confusion, as there are two documents, a “BLA Approval” (Archive) and this “extension of Emergency Use Authorization” (Archive) — the latter has in it the first paragraph of page 12 & its last paragraph which are, respectively, as follows:

• This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older;


This EUA will be effective until the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use of drugs and biological products during the COVID-19 pandemic is terminated under Section 564(b)(2) of the Act or the EUA is revoked under Section 564(g) of the Act.

So, it is obvious that there is no actual approval for the product; and how could there be? The first paragraph of the FDA’s mission statement is:

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices; and by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.

How, one might ask, could the FDA approve a product which has not completed its clinical trials and still even pretend to care about safety or efficacy? — You see the Phase 3 trial end-dates are in 2022 and 2023; see below:

  1. Pfizer: Phase 3 trial estimated end date 2023 (Archive)
  2. Moderna: estimated end date 2022 (Archive)
  3. Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen: estimated end date 2023 (Archive)
  4. AstraZeneca: estimated end date 2023 (Archive)

And what about the tainting of the control-group, as reported by NPR (Archive), which destroy the long-term study’s validity: the whole point of a “control group” is to be able to measure any difference your experiment/trial made.

The only sense this makes is when you adopt a cynical or paranoid filter: this is the spoliation and destruction of evidence… they were hoping to have so many “vaccinated” with their gene therapy that there would be no significant group of unvaccinated to compare against. — Do not submit, stand strong and reject any mandates.

Oh, and remember to pray.

Ask Not Which Flag Is False, They All Are!

“You’re a terrorist if you don’t comply with our tyranny!”
“You’re a terrorist if you don’t comply with our tyranny!”

Today there was a bomb-threat, at the Library of Congress — allegedly with a pickup-truck containing a toolbox full of Tannerite, driven by a “veteran” and “Trump-supporter” discontent with the situation in Afghanistan… how lucky is it that they put out a Terror Advisory matching this and historic  “Right–Wing Terrorism” profiles recently? Almost as if it were on-cue.

Terror plots foiled by the FBI turn out to be planned, funded and weaponized by the FBI itself
Want to end Domestic Terrorism? Defund the FBI!

Of course it really helps when you’re funding, planning, and directing the whole operation. In fact, it really brings up the ‘effectiveness’ metric for your “anti-terrorism” operations when you’re the one planning, funding, and enacting the whole “terrorism” plot in the first place. — Remember that ridiculous “Kidnap Governor Whitmer” plot? As soon as I heard it I knew something was off, it was just too convenient, and the way it was spun was more like “…and that’s why citizen revolts (and militias) are wrong!” — Well, it turns out that many (most?) of the people involved in that whole thing were FBI agents or informants and the FBI is trying to deny the defense access to evidence for their entrapment case. (Don’t be surprised if you hear they destroyed evidence in the future.) — So, given all this, I would be unsurprised to learn that the FBI is insanely jealous of both Hollywood and the MSM and the ability to just produce a story.

1109 DifferencesGoing back to Afghanistan, remember how their army said they were betrayed, ordered to stand down by their leadership? And remember that clip of Afghani people riding the plane, and the outrage of people over the falling bodies? Well, turns out that the one they were riding may have been a prop, like the balloon-army we used in WWII, which means the whole “bodies falling” may have been a complete fabrication and more evidence that our own military leadership has betrayed us.

It’s starting to look like everything is fake and gay.

The Afghanistan Withdrawal: Setting the Stage for a Brand New War on Terror

Have you ever seen something and you just know what’s going to happen? — This happened to me when I was seeing a barrage of articles about the Taliban offensive in Afghanistan as the US withdraws, to include capturing materiel: humvees, artillery, Blackhawk helicopters, weapons-caches (armories), and so on. I thought ‘this is odd’, and put it out of my mind… until I remembered something and everything ‘clicked’ into place.

This year is the 20TH anniversary of the 9/11 attack, and this? …this is setting the stage for another 9/11. One where they’re going to have “terrorists” operating US military equipment killing US civilians, trying to ignite “The War on Terror” for a whole new generation that knows nothing of what things were like before 9/11.

The leaving of materiel is key to this realization: I was in the Army —National Guard to be precise— and losing your personal weapon (M–16, M–4, etc) carries some stiff punishments, how much moreso things like Blackhawks and humvees? This is not a “pull-out”, but actively arming our enemies, this is stuff that is not given to privates, but generals and flag-officers and field-grade officers.

In short: this pull-out is, in its execution, treason: giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Isn't this interesting?
Isn’t this interesting news?

Add to all this the talks of allowing refugees, hundreds of thousands of them, and things become even clearer that this is all preparing the setting: “Taliban” “terrorists” who, ‘unfortunately’ got through our detection from the ‘refugees’ using US equipment killing civilians. — Never mind the logistics here, this isn’t about foreigners from afar enacting this, but the narrative which will be spun by the traitors here.

1109 — 11Sep

And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re rubbing our noses in the whole thing. I believe it to be planned, and that the people executing everything are signaling it, laughing at the average person in their arrogance. — Just look at this: the last plane to leave Afghanistan, labeled with September 11TH (international date format, not US date-format).

I hope and pray I’m wrong, but there’s no excuse for the crescendo of cluster-fuck we’re seeing.